The Travelling Gavel

A number of years ago Past Master, Jock Davidson, Lodge Bannockburn Bruce and Thistle, presented the Province with what is known as the Travelling Gavel.

To date, this has only circulated between a few Lodges, however some lodges have recently enquired what the procedure was for claiming the gavel. To this end I have been advised of the following procedures, which I now circulate for your information.


1. The Deputation from the visiting Lodge must consist of at least 6 Lodge members, affiliated members or honorary members of that Lodge.

2. When two Deputations arrive on the same evening then the Lodge with the largest contingent will prevail.

3. The ability to claim the gavel is only open to Lodges in the Province of Perthshire West

4. A Lodge may not claim the gavel when on a visit by invitation to work a degree in the Lodge holding the gavel.

5. The deputation from a Lodge visiting to claim the gavel must be led by the RWM or a Past Master.

6. The claiming Lodge must advise Provincial Webmaster when they obtain it so that website can be updated.

Happy visiting.

Yours faithfully and fraternally

Martin Cockburn

Provincial Grand Secretary

Now with the United Lodge of Dunkeld

As of Thursday 20th April 2017 the United Lodge of Dunkeld No. 14 has the traveling Gavel having collected it from St James 171 on this date.

With Lodge St James!

As of the 12th April 2017 The Travelling Gavel is now with Lodge St James No 171.

On the Road Again!

The Perthshire West Travelling Gavel is on the road again.

Only claimed by the United Lodge of Dunkeld No 14 a couple of weeks ago, the Gavel is on the road up to Lodge Breadalbane No 657 in Aberfeldy having been claimed by a fine deputation of 6 headed by RWM Bro James Centre

Travelling Gavel Grabbed

On Monday 16th February 2015 a deputation headed by their own Right Worshipful Master Brother Ian Ford from The United Lodge of Dunkeld No. 14 travelled to the Lodge of Dunblane No. IX.

To claim the Travelling Gavel. RWM Brother Ford was delighted to head home with the Gavel and looks forward to a Lodge coming to claim it shortly.